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Trilogy ring: its meaning and the right time to give it

Diamond rings are a great present for any occasion. Sure, the wedding proposal is in the first place however, it is also appropriate to celebrate the birth of a baby, a graduation, for an anniversary or to present an important present. Let's look at the meaning of the trilogy ring, one of the most coveted and desired rings by women.

The Trilogy Ring

It is, in fact, one of the designs of diamond rings most loved by women, generally made of platinum or gold and adorned with three precious stones. The three stones are usually brilliant cut diamonds. However, depending on the preferences of the purchaser and the person receiving it, other gems such as sapphires and rubies or emeralds may also be utilized.

Diamonds are the most common precious stone used in trilogy rings. The choice of diamonds is not only because they are beautiful however, it also comes from the fact that they are symbolic: diamond is a precious, indestructible stone that will last forever like love. Usually, these three stones are of equal weight or the two lateral stones are the same, while the central one is larger.

The meaning of trilogy rings

This ring in addition to being beautiful, also has an important meaning: the three stones represent past love ("I loved you") and present love ("I love you") and love for the future ("I will forever love you").

This is why the trilogy ring represents love for the rest of time.

There are other meanings that can be attributed to the trilogy rings.

an observant one in the concept that the three stones represent the trinity: Father as well as the Son and the Holy Spirit who will bless the union of a couple of lovers;

another that is based on the significance of the number 3: a symbol of purity, strength and love.

The diamond trilogy can also be interpreted as a family who has just been created united forever by the birth of a baby.

When should I present this ring to someone else as a present?

Many of you will be thinking about when to give an engraved trilogy ring for a gift or what is the most appropriate time to give it.

The trilogy is a well-known engagement ring design, but is also given to the mother of a baby or for a wedding anniversary.

It is very dear to women due to its romantic significance and for the significance of the trilogies ring as a symbol of the will of the couple to continue on a path of life together the most suitable occasions in which to give a trilogy ring are:

A marriage proposal is a ring that declares eternal love for the bride to be. Love that is present in the past and will endure into the future.

To celebrate a special occasion: A ring for the birth of a baby, which represents a permanent union between two lovers.

What factors to consider when choosing a trilogy ring?

Diamonds are the traditional choice for engagement rings however it is best to have professionals from the field, such as those at Diamanti Anversa assist you in your choice they can help you based on the 4 physical characteristics of the stone:





How do you choose the carats of diamond?

Carats are used to determine the weight of the precious stone. 1ct weighs 0.2 grams. A trilogy ring is created of 3 diamonds of equal weight, or 2 diamonds that are equivalent in weight, with the largest diamond at the center.

Trilogy rings can be designed with brilliants of 0.30 centimeters each, or with diamonds of 0.50 ct each or with a central diamond of one carat and the lateral diamonds of half a carat.

The gemologists from Diamanti Anversa can help you create the perfect trilogy for you.

How to choose the color of the diamond?

In nature, diamonds can be found in all colors. The most popular diamonds in jewelry are colorless ones, which belong to the so-called Cape Series "Cape series".

The colors of the so-called fancy colored diamonds, which include orange, pink, green and blue, are the most sought-after. These diamonds, in reality, are the most expensive.

If you are considering giving the tri-ring to your loved one, seek assistance from our team of experts, who will follow you through every stage of the purchase and offer you suggestions on the characteristics of the diamond and the setting.

We suggest that you design jewelry using colors from D to I.

How can you determine the purity of the diamond?

Get advice from us on how to choose the purity of diamonds that will be set in your trilogy ring. Sometimes, you can make an impressive impression without spending money on very pure diamonds.

Many diamonds with micro inclusions that can only be seen by a gemologist's magnifying lens are stunning for making a jewel, especially when they are of a good cut. In fact, the proportions of the diamond are very important to reflect light and hence the brilliance of the diamond.

Diamanti Anversa's expert goldsmiths design beautiful trinity rings that are unique and personalized. They'll even allow you to design your own jewelry by deciding on your design.

Get advice on the best jewelry from the professional gemologists of Diamanti Anversa who can guide you in the most effective way.


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