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Everett Bailey
Everett Bailey

Swishahouse Straight To Tha Room 9 R ##HOT##

The media often portrays a career in rap, as a career that is easy to achieve. These days it may be easy to think that all you need to succeed is a microphone and a passion for hip-hop. What a lot of passionate young rappers fail to see is all the work that goes behind the scenes. The truth of the matter is that overwhelming passion by itself is not enough to head straight to the top. The Hip Hop industry is a harsh and unforgiving workspace that has a history of spitting out even the most passionate aspiring rap gods to be.

Swishahouse Straight To Tha Room 9 R

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Big Moe's voice communicates joy and pain in a manner that makes him stand out amongst the Screwed Up Click. The merriest song I've ever heard is "Barre Baby." The saddest song I've ever heard is the freestyle on Chapter 110: Feel My Pain. Mourning the recent death of Fat Pat, Big Moe sings "mourn you til I join you" and "I miss my homeboy" truly sounding like he's holding back tears with every syllable, encapsulating the misery of everyone in the room and the emotiveness of Houston rap music.

These were analogue engineers and mad scientists. Screw would turn AM/FM dials into cross faders and daisy chain car speakers around his room to create an arena of sound. Dilla would dissect dual cassette decks, locating the speed adjustment screw to modify his sophisticated pause tapes. They embodied the inventive spirit that powered the inception of hip hop, splicing turntables together and hacking street lights, pioneering the technology they needed when technology was lacking.


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