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The-blue-notebooks-by-max-richter Zipl

After Pack-a-Punch is activated, Golden Pack-a-Punch can also be used after doing a few more things. First the player needs a zipline handle which can be acquired by picking up, repairing and turning two cranks at each end of the ship. After that, return to the lighthouse to get the zipline handle. Then take the zipline to the facility at the top of the cliff and turn on the power. After the power is on, go to the ship and pick up a broken flinger box, take it to the lighthouse to get it repaired. After that, take it back to the flinger and then Golden Pack-a-Punch can be accessed by using a flinger. Golden Pack-a-Punch will immediately upgrade a weapon to its highest level.

The-blue-notebooks-by-max-richter Zipl

Once the parts have been collected, head over to the boat launch at the White Tail Beach. There, the boat will be ready for use. Before going onto the boat, there is a film reel to the left of the entrance of the building where the boat is. Pick up the reel and board the boat. The boat will take the player to Turtle Island, where a broken film projector can be found in the cabin. Outside of the cabin by the zipline is another film reel. Pick it up and with the two film reels, insert them into the projector, causing a portal to the Projector Room to open up, where the player can Pack-a-Punch their weapons.


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