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Where To Buy Oysters Online

This is the second time for these gems. I went to Park City for some snow skiing and had a delivery sent to my relative's house. What a special treat! From the waters in MA to the mountains in UT. Awesome oysters and awesome service! Thanks to the farmers!

where to buy oysters online

Sent oysters to my friend in Arizona. They got there quickly and so fresh he thought they were just plucked from the ocean. Probably not far from the truth. What a gem of a company and product, very proud to call you a neighbor on the south shore

It depends on your personal taste. East Coast oysters tend to have smoother or flatter shells in a teardrop shape, with firmer meat and a brinier savory flavor. West Coast oysters have more ruffled or ridged cupped shells with creamier meat that can be sweeter in flavor, sometimes with hints of melon and cucumber, in addition to some natural brininess.

Eating raw seafood of any kind can potentially pose some risk; however, any oysters being shipped are carefully packaged in insulated cooler containers via two-day or overnight shipping to maintain freshness. If oysters arrive and are not still cold, have cracked or open shells that do not close tightly when tapped, or smell of anything other than the sea, they should not be consumed. Any oysters purchased pre-shucked are recommended to be cooked.

Oysters need to be kept cold (34 to 45 F), damp, and able to breathe (do not submerge oysters in water). They should be refrigerated in a shallow container covered with a wet kitchen towel. If you have cupped oysters, the deep-cup side should be facing down.

Oysters are best eaten within a few days of receiving but can remain fresh for about five to seven days when carefully stored. But some oysters, such as Glidden Point's, may even last longer, up to 10 days.

Planning a backyard bbq, a special occasion, or just looking to mix up your dinner routine? We ship live oysters and clams, including sample packs and meal kits, direct to doorsteps in the continental US.

Harvested from one of the most northern stocks of oysters in North America, these oysters take about 6 years to reach market size. This cold water growing area produces this beautiful 3 to 3 inch oyster. They have a wonderful salty taste, clean flavour with a delightful sweet finish.

In the northern most reach of New London Bay, a naturally existing string of sand dunes protect the delicate ecosystem of the bay. With the salty influx of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Lucky Limes (3 to 3 inches) develop a unique salty flavour and a superior shaped shell. Influenced by the algae abundant waters, these distinguished oysters offer a subtle taste variation in their half shell.

Beautiful cultured cocktail oysters (2 to 3 inches), Irish Points are wonderfully shaped off bottom grown oysters with excellent meat quality. Superb salty taste is the result of the cold water and strong tides that run between Hope River and the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

We offer the UK's widest selection of fresh oysters with 27 types of oyster from waters in the UK. All oysters are packed live to order by our oyster farms, for next day courier delivery to addresses in mainland UK.

We've been growing Maine oysters the old fashioned way in the Damariscotta River for over 30 years. Our cold water oysters are grown slow, harvested by hand and are praised by chefs and oyster buffs alike for the clean crisp taste, big brine, and easy to open shells. Let us share a piece of Maine with you.

"It's hard to describe the joy of shucking a Glidden Point Oysters or getting that first taste of Maine... We try to visit the farm at least once a summer as a family when we are up in Maine, but it is so wonderful to be able to get these oysters for special occasions at home during the rest of the year." - Shawn D.

"Maine's finest oyster. Fresh, fresh, fresh! This Damariscotta gem is not to be missed. I have never received fresher oysters. Plump, briny, with a wonderful texture. Will definitely be ordering again...and again."-David D.

"Best gift ever! I gave this kit to my very-hard-to-shop-for husband for his birthday and he was beyond thrilled with them! he said it was the gift that kept on giving since he had multiple servings to enjoy over the next few days. the nutrients in the oysters (and the knife) are just added bonuses!" - Kacey C.

Even the best in-person fish markets rarely offer a ton of variety when it comes to live crustaceans, which is why The Crab Place is such a stand-out. This vendor ships either live or cooked, with a particular speciality in Maryland blue crab. You can even pick the size and sex of your hard or softshell crabs, which are sold by the dozen or bushel. The Crab Place also sells a handful of prepared products like crabcakes and picked meat, as well as Gulf shrimp and Chesapeake Bay oysters.

They can be frozen but we only recommend to freeze them if you are familiar with oysters and with the process of freezing them. If you prefer to freeze them you will have to cook the oysters, they cannot be used raw anymore.

These bivalves don't skinny dip, they chunky dunk! You say you love oysters? Prove it! Also great for fried or roasted oysters. **bonus** After slurping, the shells are big enough to use as a cereal bowl.

How long will my oysters keep?Oysters will be just fine hangin' out in your refrigerator un-shucked for about 7 days. Just leave them in the net bag (don't put them in a plastic bag) and place in a bowl so they don't drip in the fridge. It's best to cover them with a damp towel to keep them moist and cool.

Should I put the oysters on ice?Not until they are ready to serve. Oysters won't like being on ice in your refrigerator. So, if you are serving them raw, put them on ice right before service and while you are shucking.

These words are usually written for search engines. But not ours. Because you know what we like more than search engines? Oyster lovers. No, no, wait. Not just oyster lovers. People who appreciate the difference between good oysters and amazing oysters, like the ones that come from our perfect little corner of the universe. These words, like our oysters, are for you.

First timer at this restaurant. My wife and I shared a wonderful cup of clam chowder and a dozen East Coast oysters. The oysters were washed down with a glass of Shiner Bock, making a tasty snack. This will become our new 'go-to place' in Austin.

"I was totally surprised how easy to order online from Peeko and how fast they ship. Super fresh and very tasty oysters! Will definitely order more very soon!!"Click here to read more Google reviews

"Always a crowd-pleasing success when ordering from Peeko! Incredibly accommodating customer service, fast delivery, and fresh, delicious oysters every single time. Our go-to for oysters all year round."

At Matunuck Oyster Bar, we are committed to providing the freshest food available, using locally sourced produce along with farm-raised and wild-caught seafood. Our signature raw bar is fully stocked with a variety of Rhode Island oysters, crisp cherrystones, littleneck clams, and jumbo shrimp. Our very own Matunuck Oysters are grown in Potter Pond, right off our waterfront patio. In addition, many of the herbs and vegetables found in our delectable meals are grown on our organic vegetable farm on the north end of Potter Pond.

Tours of Matunuck Oyster Farm begin at Matunuck Oyster Bar with introductory discussion about aquaculture and fisheries on a global and local scale. Guests are then invited to visit the shellfish farm in Potter Pond. Tours of the oyster farm are a unique feature of the Matunuck experience where visitors see the different species of shellfish we provide at the restaurant, in many different stages of growth. The duration of the tour is approximately 60 minutes. Waterside tours that do not leave the land are also available.

Our oysters are sourced from a small family business called The Caledonian Oyster Co Ltd. Judith has been farming delicious oysters for more than twenty years. The pacific oysters grow in the crystal-clear waters of Loch Creran, just North of Oban.

Oysters Carolina is dedicated to providing the people of North Carolina with the freshest shellfish in the state.All of our oysters are pulled from the water the day they are delivered directly to you. Our award-winning oysters are also consistently rated one of the saltiest in the entire U.S. with an average salinity of 31ppt-33ppt. Oysters Carolina is proud to provide North Carolinians fresh North Carolina seafood. North Carolina has the best shellfish and Oysters Carolina has the freshest.

The sweet, salty nature of our petite Kusshi oysters makes them one of our favorites! Their distinctively mild, light flavor features cucumber-like notes, their small size is a perfect for novice oyster fans.

From our Sixty South Salmon caught from the icy waters of the Antarctic to our Hawaiian Seafood overnighted from the Honolulu Fish Auction, and Wild Pacific Northwest Salmon pulled from pristine river waters, our menu incorporates regional tastes, farm-fresh products, and local and sustainably sourced ingredients wherever possible.

Our chefs work with reputable seafood purveyors to obtain only the freshest seafood from local waters and beyond. We offer guests dozens of seafood varieties at the peak of their seasons, including Alaskan Halibut, Northwest Salmon, Hawaiian Mahi Mahi, Oregon Petrale Sole, and a large selection of oysters from the US and Canada, just to name a few. 041b061a72


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