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HASP Envelope Cracking Without Dongle 14: A Practical Example

What is HASP and why do you need a dongle?

If you have ever used a software that requires a small device to be plugged into your computer in order to run, you have probably encountered a HASP protection. HASP stands for Hardware Against Software Piracy and it is a technology developed by Aladdin Knowledge Systems (now part of Gemalto) to prevent unauthorized copying or use of software.

hasp crack without dongle 14


HASP works by encrypting some parts of the software code or data using a secret key that is stored in a special microchip called HASP device. The HASP device can be either embedded in the software installation media (such as CD-ROM or USB flash drive) or attached to a parallel or USB port of the computer (such as a dongle). The software can only run if it can communicate with the HASP device and verify that the key matches.

HASP is used by many software developers and vendors to protect their intellectual property and revenue from software piracy. By using HASP, they can control who can access their software, how many times they can use it, on which computers they can use it, etc. They can also provide different levels of functionality or features depending on the type or version of the HASP device.

What is a dongle and how does it work?

A dongle is a small device that plugs into a computer's port (usually USB) and acts as an authentication or licensing key for a software. A dongle contains a unique serial number and some memory space that can store information such as license details, expiration date, activation code, etc. A dongle can also have some logic circuits that can perform some calculations or operations on the data.

A dongle works by communicating with the software through a driver or an API (Application Programming Interface). The software sends a request to the dongle with some data (such as a challenge or a query) and the dongle responds with some data (such as a response or an answer). The software then checks if the data matches its expectations and decides whether to grant access or not.

A dongle can also work in conjunction with a HASP device. In this case, the dongle acts as an interface between the software and the HASP device. The software sends a request to the dongle with some data encrypted with the secret key stored in the HASP device. The dongle then passes the data to the HASP device which decrypts it and sends back the result. The dongle then passes the result back to the software which checks if it matches its expectations.

What are the benefits of using a dongle?

Using a dongle for software protection has some advantages such as:

  • Security: A dongle provides a high level of security because it is hard to copy or tamper with. The data stored in the dongle is encrypted and protected by physical and logical mechanisms. The communication between the dongle and the software is also encrypted and authenticated. A dongle can also detect if it is being attacked or manipulated and respond accordingly.

  • Flexibility: A dongle allows for flexible licensing models because it can store different types of information such as license duration, number of users, number of installations, etc. A dongle can also be updated or reprogrammed remotely by the software vendor or provider. A dongle can also be used for multiple software applications from different vendors or providers.

  • Mobility: A dongle allows for easy mobility because it can be carried around by the user and plugged into any computer that has the compatible software installed. A dongle can also be used offline without requiring an internet connection or online verification.

What are the drawbacks of using a dongle?

Using a dongle for software protection also has some disadvantages such as:

  • Cost: A dongle adds to the cost of producing and distributing software because it requires additional hardware components and manufacturing processes. A dongle also adds to the cost of maintaining and supporting software because it requires additional drivers and updates.

  • Risk: A dongle poses a risk of loss or damage because it is small and fragile. If a user loses or damages their dongle, they may not be able to access their software anymore unless they have a backup or replacement. A user may also face legal consequences if they lose their dongle because they may be accused of piracy or fraud.

  • Compatibility: A dongle may cause compatibility issues because it may not work with all types of computers or ports. A user may need to install additional drivers or adapters to make their dongle work with their computer. A user may also face performance issues if their computer does not have enough resources to handle the communication with their dongle.

What is HASP cracking and why do people do it?

HASP cracking is the process of bypassing or breaking the HASP protection of a software without having access to its original HASP device or key. People who do HASP cracking are usually called HASP crackers or HASP hackers.

People may have different reasons for doing HASP cracking such as:

  • Curiosity: Some people may do HASP cracking just for fun or challenge. They may want to test their skills or knowledge in reverse engineering or hacking. They may also want to learn more about how HASP works or how to defeat it.

  • Necessity: Some people may do HASP cracking out of necessity. They may have lost or damaged their original HASP device or key and need to access their software urgently. They may also have bought or downloaded a second-hand or pirated copy of their software that does not come with its original HASP device or key.

Greed: Some people may do HASP cracking out of greed. They may want to use their software without paying for its license fee or subscription fee. They may also want to share their software with others who have not paid for it.


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