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About Our Team

Our event wouldn't be possible without the talent, creativity, and dedication from our team. They’re truly passionate about helping others establish strong connections, and believe that these relationships are what enable us to achieve the highest level of success and fulfillment. Read their profiles below to learn more.

Young Businessman


Event Coordinator

What does this talented Event Coordinator not do? Taylor Quill has been working in the networking industry for many years, and we’re thrilled that they’ve decided to recently join our growing team.

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Young Woman with Curly Hair


Event Planner

Our team wouldn’t be the same without Kris Ward as our fantastic Event Planner. Their experience and passion for the world of networking is seen through their hard work and commitment, and never fails to impress.

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Woman Artist


Communications Coordinator

Alex Smith has been with us from the very beginning, and their dedication always shines through. As our Communications Coordinator, they make sure all the details are perfectly planned so you have a seamless experience.

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